Flood 2024 Information Center

Change Effective 7/2 Location Change Dumpster – Flood Clean Up – Please do NOT dump tree or yard waste here

7/2/2024 – Please no longer dump waste at the swimming pool or AOP parking lot.  Effective on Tuesday 7/2/2024 we will be collecting at the City Shop.  Please do NOT drop off tree branches or yard waste. **Please put waste in the roll off ‘s if they are empty, only dump beside if they are full.**

7/1/2024 – You can continue to use AOP North Lot and the Swimming Pool parking lot for waste.  We are asking that you NOT bring tree branches or yard waste to these areas.  We are working on trying to find a temporary space for tree and yard waste.  Please check back here for any updates.


June 24 update – dumpsters located at Swimming Pool parking lot, and on NORTH SIDE of AOP parking lot.  Please set appliances to the side of the dumpsters.

As of 6PM on Sunday, June 23, all roll off dumpsters have been filled.  We will replenish once more roll off dumpsters are available on Monday.  Check back for updates.

The city will be working with Denny’s Sanitation and Town & Country to strategically place dumpsters around the community.  They are available until filled.  Once filled, you will need to wait until Monday, June 24 to drop anything off when we can replenish with empty containers.