Dray Wagon

The Dray Wagon

Artist: Curt Nelson and Carl Reeder.   Sponsored by the Stewart family in memory of Walter S. Stewart, Completed: 2002

The dray wagon was the modern mode of delivery service in the early 1900's. Starting his business at the young age of 17, Walter Scott Stewart was here to provide service for those who needed merchandise transported to the local shops and homes.

Location: Car Wash ' just south of the junction of Highways 9 & 75, at South Second Avenue and Union Streets.
This is the one that started it all, the Dray Wagon mural is painted on panels and depicts one of Rock Rapids' early businessmen, Walt Stewart,  was entirely funded by the Stewart family.

Artist Curt Nelson is a professional sign painter for Signman in Inwood, Iowa.

Other artist credits (Nelson): "Ladies of the Night (3)", "Rapid Speedway(9)", "City of Murals(11)"