Store Front Incentive II

Store Front Incentive – Phase II

             With a 2nd grant of $15,000 from Lyon County Riverboat Foundation, the City of Rock Rapids has provided assistance toward the costs of exterior improvements for an additional 11 downtown businesses.

             The Store Front Incentive program was adopted by the Council in 2011 for projects starting in Fiscal Year 2012.  The purpose is to encourage rehabilitation of commercial buildings, with the goal of improving the physical appearance of the downtown area.

             Typical improvements include the following:  patching, painting or cleaning of façade walls; replacement or repair of signage, lighting, windows, doors, cornices, sidewalks, or exterior steps; repair or installation of canopy, porch or awning.

             The Phase II program consisted of four individual projects plus two combined projects. Individual projects were as follows: Lyon & Sioux Rural Water – Signs; Todd’s Station – Signs and Windows; Rapid Flooring – Signs; Rock Rapids Car Wash – Overhead Doors.

             Combined projects consisted of replacing 260 lineal feet of sidewalk for three adjoining businesses on the south side of Main Street plus four on the north side, as follows: Caleb Woiwood; Rapids Theatre; Palace Jewelers; Rosie’s; Union Jack’s; Curves; Lillians.

             To date, the City and Riverboat Foundation have jointly contributed $60,000 toward this program. When added to private investment, and including current projects, total costs of improvements amount to more than $450,000 through the Store Front Incentive program.

             Continuous exposure of improved store fronts in Rock Rapids provides benefit not only to business owners, but to all of Lyon County.  The City extends its appreciation to Lyon County Riverboat Foundation for its participation in this project.


                              Caleb Woiwood                                                             Rapids Theatre


                            Palace Jewelers                                                           Rosie's


                       Union Jack's                                                                       Curves


                         Lillians                                                                          Rock Rapids Car Wash


                             Rapids Flooring                                                            Todd's Station


                       Lyon & Sioux Rural Water