LED Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting at Forstrer Community Center 2015

Major Contributors

Lyon County Riverboat Foundation

Rock Rapids Muncipal Utilities

New LED Lighting at Community Center

             With grants of $4,000 from Lyon County Riverboat Foundation and $1,500 from Rock Rapids Municipal Utilities, the City of Rock Rapids has installed new LED Outdoor Lighting in the parking lot of the Forster Community Center.

             Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, consist of state-of-the-art technology that produces ultra-high intensity lighting for an estimated 100,000 hours of life. In addition to improved lighting, this project will result in reduced maintenance and energy consumption.

             Thermal testing and reduced size help to ensure virtual elimination of maintenance for 20 years. The micro-lens optical system allows for control of light output toward the precise location where needed. This eliminates the need for “over lighting” at the base of the pole and “under lighting” between poles and results in substantial savings in in energy costs.

             The Forster Community Center is a highly versatile facility that accommodates various needs of residents and businesses throughout Lyon County. These functions include elections, regular meeting locations for American Legion and City Council, trade shows, ISU Extension programs and workshops for farmers, weddings, and fundraisers.

             For users of the facility, the new LED Lighting brings greater safety and a more pleasing atmosphere during evening hours. The City of Rock Rapids extends its appreciation to Riverboat Foundation and Rock Rapids Utilities for their generous contributions toward this project.