User Guidelines

Forster Community Center User Guidelines

Rental fee and damage deposit must be paid prior to use.  Deposit of $100.00 to hold Wedding reservation is required at time reservation is made and is deducted from rental fee.  This is non-refundable 6 months prior to date of event.

Damage deposit of $150.00 must be paid in a separate check prior to obtaining the key.  The deposit will be held until the janitor determines the building has been left clean and without damages.  

Both entrances (east and south entrances) including adjourning glass door, are to be unlocked as fire exits.  

Be sure all doors are locked when leaving the building.  Lock adjoining glass door at east and south entrances, then the second door.  Return key to the drop box at Rock Rapids City/Utility Offices(310 S. 3rd Avenue)

The Community Center is a smoke free building at all times.  Noncompliance can result in the denial of subsequent request for use of the center.

To put your event on the sign out front, call City Office 472-2553.

Prompt clean-up after your event is required.  Remove all possessions promptly; it is possible that the center is rented out the following day.  Provide your own dish towels, dish soap and cleaning supplies.  An additional trash bag will be found in each receptacle.  Clean-up includes wiping off tables and high chairs, checking the bathrooms, taking trash out to dumpster which is located on west side of building and checking outside of building and parking lot for any trash.  If clean up is not done inside and out your deposit will not be returned.   

An adult must sign the application for facility use.  Events involving youth must be supervised at all times by at least one adult.

Rock Rapids Firefighters Inc. holds the liquor license for the Community Center.  Reservations for the bar are made through the City Office.  No one else may supply or serve alcoholic beverages at the Center.  NO one under 21 years of age may be served alcoholic beverages or have them in their possession on the premises.  NO alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed outdoors on the Community Center premises.  The Firefighters have the right to close the bar without refund if any violations occur.

Decorations may not be affixed to the walls, including the divider wall.  No tape or nails are to be used on walls etc.  

No animals allowed in building unless approved by Committee member.  

Kitchen Operating Procedures

Dish soap- for washing dishes in the sink, cleaning tables, etc Cleaning cloths- dishcloths, dishtowels, etc.
Paper ware- Paper towels, cups, napkins, plates, etc.

Remove all trash when you are finished with the kitchen.  The dumpster is located outside at the west end of the building. An extra trash bag will be found in each trash receptacle. Clean tables and high chairs of food and beverages spills.  Wipe up large spills on the floor.  You do not need to sweep or scrub the floor.
Don?t forget to clean stove tops and ovens.

Dinner ware for 450 and dishwasher may be used for your event for a donation to the City (suggested $200.00 or $1/plate) which is used for the Community Center and includes the Workgroup.  This group does it all- serve, wash dishes, clean-up, everything but the cooking. This group works for the benefit of Rock Rapids- All money stays within the city for special projects. Call Marlene Bowers for details 712-470-3758

Risers available for rent.  8 risers (4x8x16) rent for $25.00 each. 8 risers fit 4 tables seat 14; 7 seat 12; 5 seat 8 people.


If an emergency arises concerning the building and/or equipment contact:
HEATHER STUBBE at 472-2454 or 712-470-2159

Call City Office 472-2553 to make reservations.

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Thank you for using the Community Center and helping us keep it a beautiful location for use for many years to come.