Iowa’s Ride Update – 2021 Ride is On!

July 18-24, 2021 and ride from Dubuque to Rock Rapids.

Iowa’s Ride will return July 18-24, 2021 and ride from Dubuque to Rock Rapids. This semi-supported ride will be FREE for everyone that was originally registered to ride on Iowa’s Ride this summer. The purpose of the journey is simple: support Iowa’s small towns and their businesses, which we could not do this summer due to COVID-19.

Reading through the hundreds of personal emails from people throughout the world after being forced to cancel Iowa’s Ride was so heartwarming. We heard how much they were looking forward to riding their bikes across the state and making an impact on these Iowa’s communities. Some even planned to ride this same route later this fall or in 2021 if there was an organized ride or not. There were several good friends and some generous folks that asked us to put their refund towards something good, so this is it. We can bike through these towns and visit with the good people of Iowa along the way.

We will use the Iowa’s Ride route that travels through Dubuque, Monticello, Vinton, Eldora, Clarion, Emmetsburg, Sheldon, and end in Rock Rapids. The towns will have one main campground for primitive camping at no cost to set up your tents or park your RV. We will provide a complimentary baggage truck to throw a bag on each morning that will be moved to the next town. You will have the ability to buy a shower from a high school, the city pool or a shower truck. There will be a few bike mechanics on the route to help repair bikes and sell you parts you might need.

While there is that support, there will not be sag service and the route will not be marked for turns. Don’t expect law enforcement at every crossing waving you through. You will have route maps that you can print off or download to your bike computer or smart phone. The daily rides will be minimally supported, so you must be prepared to be self-supportive. But we all know that people will stop to help their fellow cyclists along the way.

There will be no charge to register and details will be coming soon. We would ask people that are interested in joining the ride to register and accept the waiver of liability. We would need to have a ballpark number of participants so towns could prepare properly for food, bathrooms, showers, etc. We would also ask people in lieu of any registration fee to pay it forward to these towns and biking charities. Be more than generous to the waitresses and bartenders in the places that you stop. We would also suggest donating to your favorite biking cause. We are designating our charity of choice as Iowa Team B.L.U.E. since their fundraiser was cancelled this summer on Iowa’s Ride. Iowa Team B.L.U.E. has the mission of honoring fallen law enforcement officers by providing support to Iowa law enforcement agencies, law enforcement officers and their families.
In 2022, Iowa’s Ride will likely slide up a month earlier on the calendar and perhaps look at tweaking the format to make it as enjoyable as possible for all riders.

I plan to ride with everyone that would like to ride their bikes from Dubuque to Rock Rapids in the summer of 2021! It will be a blast and we can help support these Iowa towns that have been hurt greatly by the pandemic. Stay tuned!

Thanks! TJ Juskiewicz