Senior Community Service Employment Program – Tues. July 9 12:30PM ATLAS Ministry Center

Tuesday, July 9th, at 12:30 in the “Ministry Center,” located at 113 First Avenue in Rock Rapids, across from the ATLAS of Lyon County Office we will have Carole from AARP present to answer questions from citizens 55+ and management personnel of any area non-profit concerning AARP’s “Senior Community Service Employment Program.”  Essentially, this is a way for Seniors on a fixed income to partner with area nonprofits to receive a minimum wage for work that is performed with agencies & organizations that are willing to partner with AARP. The money earned does not count against any “earned income” that would affect any current social security income that a person may already be receiving. To apply for a training assignment, you must be age 55 or older, unemployed, and living on a low income. Not sure if you qualify? Then please join us to find out!  Interested agencies are welcome to join the conversation as well. No pre-registration is required. Please help spread the word as there may be many people that could benefit from this service.

About AARP Foundation SCSEP

SCSEP matches eligible job seekers with local nonprofits and public agencies — day care centers, senior centers, schools, and hospitals — in paid training assignments.

If you qualify, you’ll be matched with a part-time training assignment, where you’ll get:

  • Work experience you can put on your résumé
  • On-the-job training in new computer or vocational skills
  • Professional job placement assistance to find full-time or part-time employment
  • An average of 20 hours per week of paid work

Learn more at their website:

Dustin Rodger
Director: ATLAS of Lyon County