Flood 2024 Information Center

Volunteer Dispatch Center updated for 7/3

7/3 Volunteer dispatch for Wednesday 7/3 will be 8AM-2PM.  This will be the last day for the dispatch center at the Forster Community Bldg.  Going forward, you can reach the city office at (712)472-2553 or at 411 First Ave.

We would like to thank all volunteers who have helped in the dispatch center, as well as any volunteers who have given their time to help with flood clean up.  It has been appreciated greatly!  Thank you!


7/2 Volunteer dispatch for Tuesday 7/2 will be 8AM-2PM

6/27 Volunteer dispatch schedule Friday 6/28: 8AM-5PM, Saturday 6/29: 8AM-2PM, Monday 7/1: 8AM-2PM

6/26 Volunteer dispatch for Thursday 6/27 will be 8AM-6PM

6/25 Volunteer dispatch for Wednesday 6/26 will be 10AM-7PM.

6/24 Volunteer Dispatch center will be closing tonight 6/24 at 7PM.  They will open back up tomorrow morning at 8AM-7PM.

6/24 The phone number to reach the Volunteer dispatch center is (712)472-2113.  Currently it is set up to take messages.  If you need volunteer assistance, please call this number and leave a message with your name, address, type of worked needing to be done, and phone number.  We will get your information added to the list.

6/23 There is a volunteer dispatch center set up in the Forster Community Building starting Monday, June 24 at 8AM-8PM.  If you have volunteers who want to help, please send them there to be dispatched.  If you know people who need help stop down at the Community Building to get on the list and we will send volunteers as they are available.