Community Development

 The City of Rock Rapids has  rules and regulations regarding the usage of land and the construction of buildings within the City. Building Permits are required for new construction, additions to existing structures, accessory buildings, driveways, concrete patios and installation of fence.  Links to fillable forms and the Zoning Ordinance are provided below.  Please submit completed forms to the City Office for approval of your project.  Call the City Office with any quetstions. This will ensure your plans are within the guidelines set forth by the City and that you have the proper permits before beginning construction.

Building Permit

Curb Cut / Drive Way Permit

Sanitary Sewer Permit

 Sign Permit 

Variance-Conditional Use Permit

Flood Plain Permit

Link to Zoning Ordinance.

Link to  Zoning Map

Commercial Tax Abatement

Residential Tax Abatement

Schedule of Fees

Moving Permit

Complaint Form