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FEMA Disaster Fraud Information

FEMA Disaster Fraud Information

FEMA is NOT offering to buy houses. If someone is offering to buy your house, they are not working for FEMA.

Additionally, FEMA does NOT have approved contractors for home repairs, construction or debris removal.

After a disaster, scam artists, identity thieves and other criminals often attempt to take advantage of disaster survivors. We encourage survivors to watch for and report any suspicious activity. For additional information visit Disaster Fraud | FEMA.gov.

To report suspected fraud, contact FEMA Investigations and Inspections Division
• Email: StopFEMAFraud@fema.dhs.gov
• Phone: 866-223-0814
• Fax: 202-212-4926
• Mail: 400 C Street SW, Suite 7SW-1009 Mail Stop 3005 Washington D.C., 20472-3005