Iowa’s Ride Updates

Rock Rapids EMT Training

Give back to your community, join the Lyon Co. EMS squad.

Make plans to attend this informational meeting.

Classes begin in August.

Easter Events

Egg Drop:

Sunshine Foods will have their Egg Drop in front of the store at 10 am.

Easter Egg Hunt:

The VFW will have an Easter Egg Hunt by the swimming pool in Island Park at 1 pm.


Shamrock Hunt

Let’s play a game! It will be lots of fun!
Treasure awaits you, when you find a green clover, you know you’ve won!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (March 15-17) there will be 3 clues per day posted on the Chamber Facebook page throughout the day.
That clue will lead you to the outside of a business where a green shamrock will be posted.

Bring that shamrock to the Chamber office for a $17 Chamber gift certificate!
There will be a total of 9 (3 per day for 3 days) shamrocks around & everyone has a chance to win 9 $17 gift certificates!

The Luck of the Irish awaits you!

Spring Open Houses

Join participating businesses for Spring Open Houses.

Farm and Home Show 2021

Come see what local businesses & organizations have to offer at the Farm & Home Show.
Free Food, free admission, register to win Chamber gift certificates.

Scam Image


Scam Image

Due to an uptick in recent scam reports, we at the Sheriff’s Office feel it necessary to put out a memo regarding a recent internet scam that has been going on affecting numerous individuals in our community. The scam itself is not brand new, but has become increasingly more common over the last few months.

-A victim will be contacted by the scammer typically over some sort of social media (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) The scammer is often posing as a person who is physically attractive. Please do not add people you do not know or have zero to few mutual friends with.

-The scammer will then engage in conversation with the victim, often in a very intimate and aggressive manner under the guise that a relationship will follow. The scammer will then ask to exchange picture messages or even video chat via applications such as Skype or Zoom. The scammer then convinces the victim to send personal or explicit images or videos. A screenshot or screen record is then taken of the victim in a compromising position. Please do not send explicit images or videos of yourself, let alone to anyone you don’t know or aren’t comfortable with. ONCE THAT IMAGE/VIDEO IS SENT, THERE IS NO GETTING IT BACK.

-The scammer will then threaten to send the images or videos to the victim’s friends list, family, employers, etc., unless the victim pays the scammer a ransom. At this point, the scammer has already obtained personal information about the victim such where the victim works or lives, the victim’s family, or the victim’s other social media accounts. Even if the victim does pay the ransom, that still does not make the images or videos go away.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office took reports of over $57,000 lost in internet scams in 2020. Unfortunately, that number is just what gets reported and is only a drop in the bucket of what people are actually losing to scammers, as victims are often too embarrassed to come forward. If something seems too good to be true, it is.

Ryan Ackerman

Vision Source Welcomes New Eye Dr.

Ryan AckermanVision Source is very pleased that Dr. Ryan Ackerman has been seeing patients in their clinic for a few months. It will soon be his clinic. Ryan is an amazing doctor, he comes with a wealth of research and clinical experience. We are so lucky to attract him to our community.

Ryan will be bringing his wife, Amber, to town with their son, Kieran (5) and daughter Amelia (1). The family is enthusiastically exploring homes in Rock Rapids.
A big, warm welcome to Ryan!

Congrats to Dr. Ackerman & Best Wishes to Dr. Roetman!
A Welcome/Retirement Open House will be held at a later date!

Lyon County Seal

Lyon County Covid Vaccine Update






Health Services of Lyon County to inform all county residents of the COVID-19 vaccine availability would like to share the following information:

The State of Iowa and Health Services of Lyon County including Lyon County Healthcare Providers, Avera and Sanford are currently in Phase 1A of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Phase 1A distribution is for all Healthcare Personnel and residents and staff at Long Term Care Facilities. The vaccine distribution has not moved forward to include additional groups of priority persons at this time.

Health Services of Lyon Count will announce to the public utilizing social media, faith partners, Avera, Sanford, radio, schools, and the county website: each phase of COVID-19 vaccinations as they are updated.  These updates will identify the next group of persons that will be able to receive the vaccine.

“We know that Lyon County residents are eager to learn of the upcoming phases and timelines of those phases. This is a multi-faceted process that we continue to work through, and we ensure that as each phase opens up for vaccinations our county residents will be informed of when the vaccine is available to them.” Stated Melissa Stillson, Public Health Administrator.  “This is a time of great hope and possibilities for Lyon County residents, which will require patience and flexibility. Public Health will provide guidance on how and where to receive the vaccine as each new phase is identified.”

Respectfully submitted,


Melissa M Stillson, RN

Public Health Administrator

Health Services of Lyon County


Eggs & Issues

Open legislative forum with Iowa State Senator & State Representative
8 am
Forster Comm. Center
January-no session
February 20
March 27