SCBA Fire Equipment

Riverboat Foundation Awards Grant for New SCBA Fire Equipment

             On February 11, 2016 the Lyon County Riverboat Foundation awarded the Rock Rapids Volunteer Fire Department a grant in the amount of $70,000 for SCBA Fire Equipment.

             This project consisted of purchase of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and related items. SCBA refers to the equipment worn outside of the protective clothing to allow for continued normal breathing of uncontaminated and non-toxic air, and to prevent inhalation of hazardous chemicals and smoke, during firefighting.

             Previous equipment was up to 23 years old. New equipment was needed to bring the Department into compliance with current NFPA regulations, as revised in 2013, as well as current OSHA standards. Additionally, updated equipment will help with continued maintenance of the Department’s excellent Class 5 ISO rating.

             One complete SCBA unit consists of one SCBA main frame, one face mask and two cylinders. Besides providing improved visibility, the new facemasks come with new safety features such as Voice Amplification and Personal Alarm System device, which automatically detects and sounds alarm if the firefighter quits moving.

             Other added equipment includes: Quick Fill Hose Kit, which allows for transfer of air between two firefighters while inside a burning building; Dual Fill Station that provides for rapid re-fill of two tanks simultaneously, cutting the time needed for re-fill to less than half. This is a cage unit that contains any potential explosion of tanks during refill.

The Rock Rapids Fire Department gratefully acknowledges receipt, from Lyon County Riverboat Foundation, of this generous contribution that will help to ensure the safety of its Volunteers in their service to the City and the surrounding rural areas.