Apartment Scene

Mural Location:

East wall of corner of 1st Avenue and North Marshall


Tammy Hoppe

Mural Number:

2 – Completed 2002

Since homes were a luxury many could not afford, apartment living was popular in the early days. It was affordable and presented an incomparable view of downtown Rock Rapids. The young boy and girl were entertained and educated from the view which combined the practical with the aesthetic.

Many years ago, a number of Rock Rapids’ downtown buildings housed not only stores, but also upstairs apartments and businesses. Painted in 2002, “Apartment Scene” depicts an early Rock Rapids scene ‘ in windows that are actually above a business. . It is located just southwest of the intersection of Highway 9 and South Marshall Street.

Artist Tammy Hoppe is an art educator, she’s also on the Board of Directors along with retired Central Lyon art instructor Roger Van Roekel.

Other artist credits: “Street Scene ‘ Story Street” (14)

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