Ladies of the Night

Mural Location:

115 South Story St.


Curt “Signman” Nelson

Mural Number:

3 – Completed 2002

In the late 1890’s the citizens of Rock Rapids rose up against a house of prostitution that existed in their community. Although the law was on the side of the citizenry, the house remained in operation for a period of time. The “Ladies of the Night” represent one of societies oldest professions.

This may be Rock Rapids’ most infamous mural. If you’re trying to depict history, sooner or later you’re going to come to the point where you show history’s oldest profession. Curt decided to paint these ladies in a western saloon style, although it’s not certain how these ladies dressed in Rock Rapids past ‘ obviously there were few pictures.

You can find the “Ladies” above the “Short Stop” Liquor Shop on South Story Street. Turn south at the downtown stoplight and it’s on the west side of the street, about mid-block. This mural continues the trend of covering businesses’ unused upstairs windows with murals depicting a scene that may have happened in the town’s youth.

Other artist credits: “Dray Wagon”(1), “Rapid Speedway”(9), “City of Murals” (11)

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