Dr. Fanny Plucker

Mural Location:

206 South Union St.


Heather Ring

Mural Number:

7 – Completed 2003

Dr. Fanny Plucker served as a doctor-chiropractor & sometimes veterinarian during World War II; while men were off fighting the war.

Here is another mural painted where there were once abandoned windows. Heather painted this four-panel mural in 2003. The subject, Dr. Fanny Plucker was a female chiropractor, in the days when medical professions were dominated by men. The mural is sponsored by our modern-day female chiropractor, Dr. Paulette De Weerd. Incidentally, according to the address, Dr. Plucker’s office was above what is now the east half of the Flower Village store.

Partially Sponsored By:

Dr. Paulette DeWeerd

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