War Memorial

Mural Location:

111 S. Marshall St., south wall


Steve Troy

Mural Number:

6 – Completed 2002

It is where we came from, where we are, and where we are going; but, freedom is anything but free. Rather it is a priceless treasure that we Americans have earned with our toil, our blood and in some cases, our lives. We, the people of Rock Rapids, are proud of our heritage. We prize our liberties. Let us not forget that we live in freedom not because it is our right, but because those who have gone before us pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to earn and defend it. We shall be eternally indebted to those who have died in the struggle to protect our freedom, and to those who’s lives were taken simply because they lived in freedom. The survival then, of this freedom is up to us. It is our responsibility, our duty to maintain our liberty, no matter who or what threatens it.

The “War Memorial” mural was completed in 2003, and is painted on the side of the VFW club, whose members sponsored the mural. This mural is not painted on panels, but directly on the side of the building. This creates a very interesting effect. The montage depicts in sepia tones: a World War I memorial, World War I soldier, McArtuhur’s return to the Philippines, the Normandy invasion, Iwo Jima flag raising, Korean War monument, Vietnam wall and memorial, Vietnam soldier, soldiers in Desert Storm, 3rd Marines at victory in Tikrit, Iraq and Abraham’s tank ‘ all surrounding the full-color VFW emblem. At the end, there is blank space, suggesting the future that is not yet written. This makes for a powerful presentation.

Steve Troy is a professional mural painter from South Dakota.

The VFW Club is located a half block south of Highway 9 on South Marshall Street, just North of US Bank.

Other artist credits: “May We Never Forget” (4), “Benson’s Skating Rink” (8)

Sponsored By:

VFW Post #6960

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