Dewild Grant Reckert

Mural Location:

315 First Ave., east wall


Mathew Sharum

Mural Number:


DeWild, Grant, & Reckert began in 1952 with a handshake between John DeWild, left and Richard Grant, right. Robert Reckert (center) joined them in 1954 when the two electrical engineers decided to add a civil engineer. Each of the founders served as president fo the firm between 1952 and 1987.

As the firm has continued to grow they diversified into many other types of engineering disciplines. The name has been changed to DGR Engineering, and serves clients from offices in Rock Rapids and three satellite offices.

Sponsored By:

DeWild, Grant, & Reckert families and John Madden, Bruce Jennings, and Blair Metzger (men serving as president of DGR Engineering from 1987-2016)

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