Don DeWaay

Mural Location:

100 block South Marshll St.


JoEllen Sorgdrager

Mural Number:

5 – Completed 2003

Don DeWaay graduated with distinction from the University of Iowa in 1940 and immediately began his 50 year practice. During his tenure, he served on the State Law Board of Governors and served in Italy and Africa in World War II.

This mural is also painted in an existing opening on the side of a building, but the interesting thing about this mural is that many years ago the door in the painting actually existed in the very spot that the mural is painted. The steps up to the door are real, and for quite a while, led up to a brick wall. The door had been removed and a wall built in its place. We think the mural is a marked improvement!

You can find Mr. De Waay on the side of the professional building. He’s entering his office, which is the first door on the right, heading south on South Marshall Street from First Avenue.

Other artist credits, “Paul C. Smith” (10) “Louie Severson” (13)

Sponsored By:

The DeWaay family

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